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Our Cleanse tea has been carefully handcrafted from the best quality organic ingredients. It should be enjoyed once a day, preferably after your evening meal or before bed. Our tea contains six different natural ingredients, designed to cleanse your body of all the impurities and toxins we accumulate on a day to day basis. 


  • Dandelion leaf to help cleanse and protect your liver
  • Hawthorn berries to help relieve your indigestion and anxiety
  • Senna leaf helps flush nasty toxins from your body
  • Gingko biloba to help boost energy levels and improve memory
  • Raspberry leaf helps with nausea and body cramps
  • Fennel is rich in antioxidants


One teaspoon of our cleanse, brewed for 3-5 minutes in hot water at around 90 degrees Celsius

How often should you drink me?

Enjoy a cup of cleanse once a day, preferably after your evening meal or before bed


I weigh 10 grams giving you up to one weeks worth of my deliciousness

Disclaimer: Before taking our cleanse tea, we strongly advise you to have a chat with your local doctor if you suffer from any medical conditions or are taking either prescription or non-prescription medication

Cleansing tea can have some side-effects which vary from person to person. These can include cramping and an increased frequency of visiting the bathroom but should NOT include diarrhoea, vomiting, dizziness or severe cramping - if any of these side-effects occur (depending on their intensity) stop using the Cleanse tea and consider consulting your GP. The latter are not usual reactions and could indicate an allergy intolerance or sensitivity to one of the ingredients in the tea (see ingredients above)

We do not recommend taking this while pregnant of breastfeeding

We do not recommend longer than 4 weeks of the Cleanse at one time unless you check with your doctor or at your risk




"Omg the scrub is the best thing I've ever used on my skin! I can't even believe how amazing it is! The smell! Delicious! And my skin is so amazingly soft it's crazy! I also took a before and after photos as my stretch marks are terrible but now even after using it just once, they've gone down heaps! Thank you so much for this amazing product! "- kristy New Zealand


"I really had no idea that I would start to see an impact so quickly with The Cleanse tea but here are my photos, seven days apart! This tea is AMAZING. Not only has it helped with the bloating and my digestion in the evening, it has also curbed my cravings at night! This tea is now a part of my 'wind down' during the evening and I can't wait to see my results after the full month is up! Thanks Sera for sharing such an awesome product with us!" - Katie


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