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Just because your diet didnʼt work, doesnʼt mean youʼre a failure. Youʼre NOT a failure. Donʼt quit now – your health is TOO important.

You tried a diet and it didnʼt work. You started running in the evenings… for a week. You tried eating healthy but ended up scoffing a whole block of chocolate. You failed. But YOU are not a failure.

Trying and failing are part of life. We teach our kids that itʼs important to try new things and do our best, that even if we fail we still learn something. We need to take our own advice. We need to accept that itʼs okay to fail. It doesnʼt mean WE are failures. Maybe you didnʼt have the right tools you needed. Maybe you didnʼt have a support network cheering you own. Maybe you told yourself you couldnʼt do it. Maybe you chose the wrong diet/program for your needs.

Your health is SO important. You are worth the effort of getting up and trying again. Diets are basically designed to make you fail. Thatʼs how they make money. They want you to come back again and again.

Donʼt diet. Change your lifestyle and form new Healthier habits

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