• Dinner Meal Plan for the Kids

    Since I am constantly getting asked what I give the kids and for recipes of quick and easy meal options, I thought I would give you my top five affordable go-to dinner recipes. All of the ingredients are available at Countdown and you can use their online shopping service and get it delivered to your front door which makes life so much easier. For me not having to worry about shopping with kids means I can spend more time with them (let’s be honest mostly yelling and sorting fights out) but it’s better than dragging them around a supermarket!


    Monday: Lettuce wraps with Meat free mince

    Tuesday: Meat-Free Burgers

    Wednesday Buddha Bowl

    Thursday: Vegan Pizzas

    Friday:  Grazing Platter

    Shopping List: 

    Fruit/Vegetables - 1 tin of tomatoes, 1/4 bag of frozen veggies of your choice, 1 iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, kale, chickpeas, corn, kumara, spinach, mango, pomegranate, capsicum, sprouts, strawberries, mushroom, blueberries

    Dairy - Sour cream, cheese

    Other - 1 bag Quorn (meat free mince), 1 pack Linda McCartney veggie patties, baps, tomato sauce, tomato paste, Farrah wraps, Angel Food vegan cheese, chickpeas, popcorn, hummus, crackers.



    Lettuce wraps with meat-free Mince

    Ingredients: 1 Bag Quorn meat free mince, 1 Tin of tomatoes, 1/4 Bag frozen veggies of your choice, sour cream, 1 iceberg lettuce.

    Follow the instructions on the back of the Quorn Packet. Once cooked pop into a couple of lettuce leaves and top with a spoonful of sour cream and enjoy!


    Meat-Free Burgers

    Ingredients: 1 Pack Linda McCartney veggie patties , Baps, 1 iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, tomato sauce, cheese.

    Follow the instructions on the back of the Linda McCartney back. Once cooked pop into cut bap and add toppings of your choice. For the kids we cut the patties in half. 


    Buddha Bowl

    Ingredients: kale, chickpeas, corn, kumara, spinach, mango and pomegranate 

    Slice up the Kumara and bake till golden. Grab a bowl and place all the ingredients in (my kids love helping plate it all up), serve and enjoy. Just the kumara and corn are cooked, everything else is fresh. 


    Vegan Pizzas

    Ingredients: Farrah wraps, capsicum, sprouts, Angel Food vegan cheese, chickpeas, spinach, tomato paste, mushroom (can use what ever topping you like)

    Place Farrah wrap on lined baking tray. Pop tomato past over the base and add all the toppings on. Sprinkle some Angel food cheese on at the very end before it goes into the oven. Bake for 15min (or so) on 180.

    I always make extra so we have them for lunch boxes the next day.


    Treat night - Grazing Platter

    Ingredients: You can have basically anything you want. What i have here is: pomegranate , mango, strawberries, popcorn, hummus, crackers, blueberries and some chips

    This is our fav Friday night (end of a long school week) treat. We pop whatever we have in our fridge onto a platter and the kids can pick away at it. Its so easy and fun to do. Great way to get kids trying new foods.


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