My first Vegetable Garden

What you need:
Just Brand Potting Mix from the Warehouse $6 a bag
Italio Flexi Tub in Black $7 from the Warehouse
Whatever you want to grow.
I got cos lettuce, beetroot and broccoli from The Warehouse for $4 each punnet
Blitzem pellets to kills slug & snails $6 from The Warehouse
What to do
Grab your tub and turn it over and punch holes with scissors or a knife so that it can drain and your plants don't drown.

Make sure you read the health warning about using potting mix safely, then tip 1& 1/4 bags of Just Brand Potting Mix into the tub and press it down firmly. I had a cute little helper.

Get your plants ready. You can fit around 2 - 3 per bucket. Gently take them out of their trays and loosen the soil around the roots. Then dig a hole in your soil, put your plant in, and make  sure you cover the roots fully with the soil. Add the Blitzem pellets to kills slug & snails and water and you are good to go!!
Getting kids to help is a fantastic way to teach them about food and where it comes from.
They will be able to help with the planting, watering and finally picking and enjoying the vegetable when they are ready!

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