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So i wanted to do a post about my yo-yo dieting and how i have gone up & down in weight over the years.

I was always bigger as a kid. I can remember how uncomfortable it used to be when i was younger being the "fat girl" surrounded by gorgeous slim friends at a private school. I could never fit the Karen Walker dresses that they could.

When i was 16 nearly 17 i fell pregnant and was by myself facing life as a single teen parent. When i had my daughter stella i put on a bit of weight during pregnancy and afterwards i didn't eat well at all. I was a child with a child and of course my eating and looking after myself came last.

During my late teens and early 20's (18-22yrs) i drank way too much, ate way too much takeaways and did stupid Duromine pills, sure slim, optimist and other pills to help get the weight off.

When i was 23yrs i got married and starved myself (also with Duromine) to get thin for my wedding and it worked of course but it was not healthy at all! Cause as soon as i stopped the pills the weight piled back on.
I was also dealing with a marriage breakdown (after 18months of a abusive marriage) and being along with 3 kids at such young age. I would drink 3-6litres a day of Pepsi Max and was going out sometimes 3 night a week (when i didn't have the kids) drinking.
It was such an unhealthy cycle of drinking and hang over cure food and more crap and drinking again. It really took a toll on my body. All the drinking stopped when i met my hubby. He made me not need to go out and get wasted and made me look at my life in a way i never had before.

I was at my biggest when i met my hubby (which makes me love him more as he loved me even at 118kgs) and only after my 4th child (28yrs) did i realise enough was enough.
I wanted to get healthy not only for him, but also to be a good role model for my girls and son and not be at risk for diabetes and other obesity related issues.
I started on a HFLC program and shed rapidly 40kgs in a year (29yrs) only to put over 10kgs + back on within 6 weeks when i stopped eating in this way.
I personally couldn't do the fasting days as they made my binging worse and the huge amounts of fat defiantly make me personally so much sicker than i had been and my skin was bad all the time and it was way to expensive for me to eat in that way as i was cooking different meals for me at times to what i would cook my family. We couldn't afford organic

I decided to stop that eating plan, have a break and try and workout a life style solution. It was hard as i had this page and had people messaging me how amazing i was yet i was slowly going backwards and hiding away, eating my emotions in secret.
Then i realised i need to try to get a balance in my food and exercise. I realised only i could change my habits .
I need to look at a lifestyle change instead of a quick fix (which all the diets i had done were to me) and start laying a good foundation for the rest of my life and change my terrible eating habits and relationship with food.

I am now 30 & currently on a new journey which has been a goal of mine for years. Body sculpting
I am training 12x a week to get on stage in March in and compete in a body sculpting competition.
After i have achieved this goal i think i might go back to Clean eating as its what my kids do and its a really easy way to live and eat that way.

I just wanted to share a bit about my journey so far for all of the new followers. Any things i missed or questions please comment below.
Love to hear your thoughts as well



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    Omg well first off i just want to say how much of a enpact u have on me its amazing i watch ur snapchats everyday. Only reason i go on haha i also follow u on facebook .
    I have recently just had a wee baby boy 12 weeks today . I was always a big girl when younger and got teasted alot for it . I was born without a thryiod gland so if meds to maintain it but have been told by docters il never be small. Anyways i am at 134kgs the biggest yet . I get so depressed about at the best of times. I have lookd at ur website and see that everything is sold out . Just wanting to no what helps u i see u have takin pills before aswel . ? I have just asked to join a gym again. Just i dont no need some guidence . Thanks
    P.s saw ur post about people commenting about ur appearence . Forget what other people say i think its beauty no clogging ur face with.make up and letting ur skin breathe and you have 5 kids if u want to wear something comfy so be it .keep being you and doing what u do .

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